People who have contributed their time, resources and talents to help make the DOS Inc web site possible.

Emmanuel Santos - Photographer

Descendants of the Shoah would like to thank Emmanuel Santos for giving us permission to use his deeply moving and evocative images of Poland in our website. His images depict the sombre areas where millions of men, women and children were put to death, thus creating a photographic essay of the past - his reminder and warning.

©Emmanuel Santos

Lena's Typing Service

Fast, accurate, professional Word Processing and Desktop Publishing at affordable rates.

  • Tape Transcripts
  • Brochures, Newsletter & Flyers
  • Fax & Email Service
  • Manuscripts, Essays & Everything inbetween
  • Laser Printing

Lena's Typing Service

DVElop Design - Web Development

DVElop Design Web Development and Online Concept Publishing.

  • Web Publishing
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Hosting
DVElop Design

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