Tapes & Video

With the exception of sharing sessions, most of our sessions are recorded and members are welcome to borrow cassette tapes which require a nominal deposit.

Anyone outside Australia can purchase any tape listed for a nominal fee which covers the cost of a blank tape and postage. If you would like to obtain some of our fine audio tapes please email: DOS Inc.


Dr. Abe Kassel, Psychiatrist with Montefiore Homes and with the German Consulate to assess survivors re-restitution claims. 17/11/91 (2 tapes).
Dr. Tom Patterson, Psychiatrist and Family Therapist who treats many survivors and their children. Nov. 1991 (2 tapes).


Yvonne Fein, Author and Playwright: Parents and Children in Jewish Literature. March 1992. (2 tapes)
Professor Berger (American): The Holocaust fifty years on. July 1992
Moshe Lang, Psychologist and Family Therapist: Discussion on Family Therapy for Children of Holocaust Survivors and their families. 16/8/92
Dr. George Halasz, Psychiatrist: Forty Years of Silence. 8/11/92 (2 tapes)
Dr. Tom Patterson, Psychiatrist and Family Therapist who treats survivors and their children: Coming out of hiding. 15/11/92 (2 tapes)


Dr. George Lipton, Child Psychiatrist: The Third Generation. Feb. 93
Mark Weinberg, QC: The War Crimes Tribunal. 20/6/93
Lena Fiszman & Allen Brostek, members of the Second Generation: their visit to Poland in April 1993 for the 50th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. 18/7/93
Helen & Leo Rosner: Oscar Schindler. 1993


Mark Baker, Academic/Historian. 18/9/94
Arnold Zable, Author of "Jewels and Ashes". 16/10/94 (2 tapes)
Ramona Kowal, Broadcaster and Author: Whose war is it anyway? 20/11/94


Malcolm Robertson, Theatre Director: Peter Sichrovsky's play "The Supper". 19/2/95
Helen Gardner, Psychologist: Issues of Unresolved Grief in the Second Generation. 21/5/95
Uri Palti of SBS National Radio Network, award winning broadcaster: A Media Perspective of the 50th Anniversary of the End of World War II. 16/7/95
Transgenerational Meeting with Panel of Parents, Children & Grandchildren: Snapshots of life through the eyes of Survivors and their Children. 20/8/95
Dr. John Serry, Psychiatrist: The Abused-Abuse Cycle. 10/9/95
Jonathon Lester, Filmmaker: The Angst behind "Angst". 22/10/95
Dr. George Halasz, Psychiatrist: Family Relationships in the Second Generation: Parents, Partners and Children. 19/11/95
Panel of Survivors: Observances of Religious Festivals and Beliefs during the War. 17/12/95.


Yvonne Fein, Author & Playwright, My work and how it relates to my background. 18/1/96
Panel of Child Survivors: Judge George Hampel, Mrs. Yolanda Klempfner & Dr. Paul Valent (Psychiatrist) - Child Survivors: The factors which influences their lives and achievements. 21/4/96
Rosie Potaznik, Impact of the Absence of loss of grandparents on the Second Generation of the Holocaust. 19/5/96
Panel: Emmanuel Santos (Photographer), Dena Lester (Artist) and Jack Wengrow (Artist) - Art and the Holocaust. 21/5/96
Michael Vromen (UIA), Film and discussion on Israel and the Holocaust. 18/8/96
Dr. John Serry, Psychiatrist, Breaking the Cycle. 20/10/96
Panel: Pamela Bone ("Age" Journalist) and Associate Professor Andrew Markus (History) on What has been learned from the Holocaust. 17/12/96


Ester Czaky, Jewish Genealogist, Roots Shmoots: who wants to know and how to find out! 23/2/97
Henry Burstyner, Solicitor, Catching Swiss Banks with their pants down. 18/5/97
Panel: Dr. Jack Felman, GP; Miriam Suss (JCS); Associate Professor David Fonda (Gerontologist) and Dr. Paul Valent (Psychiatrist) on How to cope with Ageing Parents. 15/6/97
Ramona Kowal, ABC Radio Broadcaster, An Evening with Ramona Kowal. 20/7/97
Ephraim Finch, Chevra Kadisha, A Last stop before Heaven, Don't take it with you. 21/9/97
Panel: Dr. Jack Felman, Lena Fiszman & Robert Weil, "After 2,000 years of persecution are we a funny people? 14/12/97


Panel: Dina Brustman, Christian Froelicher, Jason Walker and Pauline Rockman (Chairman), Shoah Foundation Testimonies: Reflections from three interviewers.
19/4/98 Panel: Bernadette Gore (Child Survivor), Dr. Jack Felman (2nd Generation), Jody Auster (3rd Generation), After the Holocaust - Three Generation's Response. 21/6/98
Anna Rosner Blay (author of Sister, Sister;), Reclaiming the Past. 19/7/98 Dr. Michael Birenbaum,President and CEO of the Shoah Foundation, The Holocaust and Its Impact. 21/8/98

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