"My work and how it relates to my background"

Yvonne Fein, writer and editor, speaks about her work

Yvonne Fein, writer and editor, spoke about "My Work and How It Relates To My Background and Status as a Second Generation".

Yvonne gave a personal account of some issues which have troubled her in the past and in many aspects she has come to terms with. Many of these issues have influenced her writing. Her Judaism and desire to understand it is a motivating force in her life. Many of us present at the evening found Yvonne's talk to be insightful, motivational and moving. We sincerely thank Yvonne Fein for preparing and presenting her talk at our February meeting. Some of the points she covered included:

Children of survivors are lost and part of being lost is not having access to our history and therefore it is difficult to know our destination.

We have a fragmented understanding of our history based on how our parents were able to cope telling us and what they believed we could cope hearing.

You have to have the questions before you can get the right answers.

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