Personal Stories Index

These pages are dedicated to the personal stories of those who have been touched by the Holocaust, if you have a story you would like to share with us please contact: DOS Inc.

NB: Please submit your story in a plain text document, or simply paste it into an email message and send it to us as is, and we'll do the rest.

Lena Fiszman - Journey to Poland with her parents.

Caroline Isakow - A Parent’s Personal Testimony.

Pauline Rockman - Book Launch of Anna Blay's book "Sister, Sister".

Dinitia Smith - For the Holocaust 'Second Generation' an Artistic Quest.

Dr. Jack Felman - Growing up as a child of Holocaust Survivors

Stan Marks - The Holocaust and the 21st Century

Tom Beer - Film Review of "The Last Days"

Pauline Rockman - Issues of Interviewing People with Painful Childhood Memories: Child Survivors of the Holocaust and the Stolen Children

Pauline Rockman - "The Significance of the Shoah - Now and in 2020"

Dr. Paul Valent - "How The Holocaust Informs Trauma For Me".

Deb Absler - "A Story Of Courage, Integrity, Humanity And Dignity".