Holocaust Survivors Claims Against Swiss Banks

The articles that appear on this page were submitted by Henry Burstyner.

Henry Burstyner, property and commercial lawyer, is trying to uncover what has happened to Jewish funds placed in Swiss Banks for safekeeping before and during World War II.

Echoes of The Holocaust

The efforts to recover Jewish assets deposited in Swiss Banks before and during the war has grown into a bitter crusade that dredges up the horrors of the past.

100 Tons of Gold

This hoard of looted Nazi bullion, which would be worth $2 billion USD, was found by General Patton's forces in the last days of the war in a salt mine near Merkers, Germany.

What A Thoughtless Swiss Diplomat

Came to call nothing less than a "war" against his country started with little things.
A gold ring. A novel. A chair.

©Emmanuel Santos

Before long a chain reaction of seemingly disconected events, an assortment of powerful personalities and a series of Swiss blunders culminated in a moral crusade to track down stolen wealth hidden away inside the vaults of Zurich and restore it to the victims of the Holocaust. The proximate cause was money, but the soul-searing intent of the men and women who set the hunt in motion was to peel back the veil time had cast over the evils of Nazism and expose the truth.

Senator Alfonse D'Amato

The hearings in 1998 before the Senate banking committee greatly embarrassed the Gnomes of Zurich and brought world attention to the campaign to get financial restitution.

Edgar Bronfman

At first the head of the World Jewish Congress received insulting rebuffs, but he continued to push hard to get the Swiss bankers to open up their records and their vaults.

Magda Strasser

She also died in Auschwitz, but her brother escaped a labor camp and survived to make a claim for stolen property.

Layos Salamon & Szeren Fisher

Husband and wife, they died in Auschwitz. Their daughter cannot get access to the Swiss accounts they held.

Chaskel Halpert & Lea Ruchel

Husband and wife, they both died in Auschwitz. Their granddaughter is trying to recover lost assets.

Idus Goldstein

Before she died in Auschwitz, she put $350,000 in Swiss banks. Her son Leslie Gabor is trying to recover the money.

Moritz & Jenny Kaufman

They died in Vienna, their grandson is suing Swiss banks for the business and property the Nazis took.

Jenny Berger Szabo

Died in Auschwitz. Her daughter is making a financial claim against the Swiss banks.

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